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There are many materials found in automotive customization. For a long period, fiberglass was the fabric of preference. It's light, moderately strong and can be patched or repaired (usually). However, modern tools has resulted in a new material available for car customization. Graphite is now the only hottest material available on the market for custom looks. Many consumers (and tuners) still need queries about this material. What is it? Just how can or not it's used? Should i actually want to spend much money on it?

First, carbon fiber can be used in many different industries, including racing, aerospace, weapons technology and even more. This fabric is incredibly lightweight and is some of the strongest available. An item of carbon fiber compared to a similarly sized bit of steel is much stronger than much vaunted metal, not to mention lighter and rust proof as well. So, what can you find in the automotive customization market that produces usage of carbon fiber? What benefits are you able to receive from using these components?


Graphite is utilized throughout the automotive industry (perhaps the OEM's are becoming into the act). It's used mostly like a trim material in most vehicles, because of its sleek good looks and great style. Gearshift knobs, tyre trim, dash and door trim, taillights as well as side view mirrors happen to be made with carbon fibre. These things provide greater durability, lighten the burden the car must bear and provide a fantastic look, too.


However, for your true tuner, carbon fibre body pieces would be the Holy Grail. Carbon fibre wing spoilers, rocker panels and even entire hoods are around for those ready to spend the bucks on their behalf. Does carbon fibre be more expensive? Yes, you'll find that this material carries a higher price than other materials on the market. As an example, you will pay roughly 2-3 times the price for a carbon fiber hood over a traditional metal hood. Fiberglass hoods come in somewhere between the 2.


Why is the material so expensive? The material, is not the expensive part. The development methods would be the real culprit. Many layers of carbon fibre has to be glued together to produce a usable body component. When the layers have been adhered to one another, the exterior side has to be lacquered and polished until it's the smooth appearance that consumers want (carbon fibre is really very rough, using a pronounced weave pattern similar to some fabrics). Without the finishing process, graphite would be unsuitable to be used on cars.

 Carbon Furniture

However, for anyone seeking a means to give their cars light, yet rigid and robust body components, carbon fibre is the way to go. Whether you determine to add simple touches being a spoiler or perhaps a hood, or go whole hog, you will find that your car weighs less, provides better strength and can attain better acceleration and sustained speeds (lightening your vehicle is the best approach to improve power and satisfaction).

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